Case Studies

Patio Greenhouse Case Study

Some three years ago we purchased one of the Hartley patio glasshouses and had it installed at the bottom of our rather unusual garden (a 70ft x 30ft area which is mostly of a ski slope design, the glasshouse is on flat area at the bottom). The glasshouse has given good service and is very much valued and is full of plants at present.

During the nights of 23rd / 24th December 2013 our neighbours 45ft high Cyprus deposited itself across our garden and on into a neighbours garden. On viewing the devastation caused we were extremely worried about possible damage to the glasshouse. The tree had come to rest in part on our garden shed and we could see bows pressed up against the greenhouse.

The tree has now been removed and although the shed was extensively damaged the glasshouse is intact with doors and roof operating in the normal manner. We feel sure that had we gone with say a cheaper option this would not be the case.

We still cannot believe how Hartley came through the storm (name of the glasshouse) as you can see it is in a tight spot which shows that every garden can have a glasshouse.

Congratulations Hartley for a good strong construction.

Diane and Susan. January, 2014

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