Lean-to Greenhouses

There are many reasons gardeners and home owners choose to opt for a lean to greenhouse, rather than a traditional freestanding structure.

Tailored to suit your exact requirements, a lean to fits flawlessly to your property. Most lean to greenhouses are built on a solid brick or concrete stem wall, often with a stone veneer which acts as a ‘heat sink’ helping to retain heat as night sets in.

Leaning against a wall which generally stores heat through the day and slowly releases it at night helps reduce the range of temperature fluctuations to a steadier overall temperature. The property against which the greenhouse is built can also benefit from the insulation the greenhouse provides keeping your house warmer during the colder months.

For those in cooler climates painting the internal wall white will help reflect light and heat back into your greenhouse and helps allay energy efficiency concerns.

A brick wall offers extra growing space for vine plants to grow up the brick work. Hartley also offer vine supports to help train the vines with the vine supports bolted to the aluminium frame of the greenhouse.

A lean to greenhouse is the perfect solution to those of us with a lack of space in our backyards, and the list of benefits taken together and the fact that every lean to is unique makes a lean to the choice of many gardeners.