Large Greenhouses

Large glasshouses can help you to make the most of the space available to you even in the largest of gardens, where you have a good amount of room to devote to indoor planting and temperature control, while still leaving a sizeable outdoor area.

All of our large greenhouses are designed to not only provide you with shelter and a controlled climate, but a fully flexible garden room that can be divided and used in a way that perfectly suits your style of gardening or relaxation.

Our large greenhouse range comprises large glasshouses in the traditional Victorian style, our largest made-to-order greenhouses, along with botanic glasshouses, and bespoke freestanding and lean-to greenhouses that can be designed to suit your outdoor space.

Interiors can be designed to offer a multi-purpose or multi-zone space, with glass partitions to provide a physical division that will not prevent light and heat from reaching all parts of the structure.

And with masonry elements that enhance stability and aesthetic appeal, as well as allowing some of our large greenhouses to be used as orangeries, you can rest assured that your new glasshouse will be standing strong and usable for decades.

Bespoke Greenhouse

With a unique octagonal design, stately roof lantern and 14 meter span the new RHS Hyde Hall Glasshouse provides a truly arresting landmark visible far beyond the new edible gardens. The glasshouse includes two sets of very large doors running from north to south.