Contemporary Greenhouse & Greenhouses

Contemporary glasshouses bring a distinctive and up-to-date look and feel to modern-day gardens, while providing you with the kind of planting space that gardeners have been enjoying for generations. Our range of contemporary greenhouses are designed to cater for most needs, and includes some glasshouses that really help to make the most of the space available.

For example, The Opus offers some of the aesthetics used in modern-day house building and apartments, with a swing door, good ventilations options and a single-pitched, rather than gable-style roof. 

Vista greenhouses are a further line of contemporary glasshouses, which provide particularly well for taller gardeners, or to create the greatest amount of growing space for tall plants. That is thanks to their curved roofline shape, which achieves an increased average headroom height when compared with a traditional gable-style roof on a greenhouse of the same size.

All of this makes great options for smaller modern-day gardens, to provide some sheltered planting space for larger gardens, or even for communal use in the shared outdoor space provided to apartment blocks. This is perfect for growing varieties of herbs and vegetables for the kitchen table, while creating an opportunity for apartment residents to socialise with one another in their outside space. With plenty of bespoke options, you can also have something built to order, or choose one of our Opus glasshouses for a contemporary twist on classic growing space.