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How do I get ahead in the greenhouse?

Jean Vernon is starting the year with fresh intentions, determined to be prepared to grow and ready to sow For me 2021 was a very difficult year. I’d thought 2020 was bad enough but nothing prepared me for the rollercoaster ride of 2021. I won’t go into details; it was personal, vile and extremely distressing. […]

Written in United Kingdom

What is the best kept secret in gardening?

Jean Vernon exposes one of the biggest Insider Gardening secrets. Gardening is more magic than muck With a few million more people dabbling in the fine art of gardening, those with a few years experience under their belt are offering advice and support across a wide range of platforms. Gardening is not an elite sport, […]

Written in United Kingdom

How can I use my winter greenhouse to help pollinators?

Helping pollinators is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment, but even in the midst of winter you can find ways to use your greenhouse to help them. You might think that in the middle of winter there wasn’t much you can do to help pollinators, but you would be wrong. Our greenhouses […]