Greenhouse Colours

A Hartley greenhouse

Our greenhouses are built to last and, if they are to be a part of your garden for decades to come, it is reasonable to ask for an aesthetic finish to a higher standard than you might get from a more temporary structure. Aluminium greenhouses can be painted in almost any colour, and this not only helps to create the precise kind of visual effect you want; it can also protect the metalwork for longer, keeping your greenhouse looking at its best for many years to come.

Our greenhouse colours

At Hartley Botanic we have worked hard to create a greenhouse colour palette that covers most of the usual wants and needs of gardeners and landscapers. While greenhouse colours often go unnoticed compared with the general size and shape of the structure, this is precisely the point of our subtle shades: your greenhouse becomes an integral part of your garden, not just a building that has been placed into the middle of it.

Dark green greenhouse
A dark green greenhouse

Greenhouse colour palettes

The main greenhouse colour palettes to choose from include:

  • Nature colours, such as leaf greens
  • Stone shades, from deep greys to pale off-whites
  • Neutral tones like bright white

More specifically:

  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • Umbria Light
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Mist
  • Vista Grey
  • Iron Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Bronze
  • Manganese Graphite
  • Black Olive
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • Ruby Red

If your garden already has a strong colour scheme of its own, we can work with that to produce a custom paint finish for your aluminium greenhouse. As mentioned above, this is not just about aesthetics; the paintwork also protects the aluminium itself from oxidising, so your greenhouse will stay stable and visually appealing for even longer.

Examples of our greenhouse colours

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