What is a bespoke greenhouse?

A bespoke hartley greenhouse
A Bespoke Hartley Greenhouse

A bespoke greenhouse caters to your unique needs, whatever they may be, from fitting a specific size of space in your garden, to providing you with the exact kind of growing space or storage area you need inside the greenhouse.

Hartley Botanic bespoke glasshouses are designed and built to the same incredibly high standards as the rest of our range, and we are always delighted to return to a property and see the greenhouse standing proud in its original position, often after a period of several decades.

Over the years, we have produced all sorts of bespoke greenhouses, and you can see a selection of these in the images throughout the Hartley Botanic website.

Our Bespoke Greenhouse Range

Bespoke Lean-To Greenhouse
Bespoke Lean-To Greenhouse

They include large standalone glasshouses, either built to the best size for the space available, or in some cases finished in a very specific colour or shade, to match any other buildings already in place on the property.

Lean-to greenhouses are popular where there is a wall to build up against, and our bespoke lean-to greenhouses make sure that the structure looks just right once it is in place, as well as making the best use of the brickwork against which it is built.

And we can also incorporate cold frames into the structure, further increasing the amount of growing space available – as well as making sure it faces in the correct direction to capitalise on available sunlight and shield delicate plants against the elements when necessary.

Bespoke Greenhouses offer flexibility

Inside a Hartley greenhouse
Inside a Hartley Greenhouse

Inside, there are plenty more options to get the most out of your new glasshouse, including the option of a brick-built storage area to keep tools and other valuables secure and out of sight from passers-by, or simply to create a darker space for any plants that need to be taken out of the light for a period of time.

Your greenhouse doesn’t have to be at a single temperature throughout – we have a long history of creating partitioned growing areas, effectively creating separate rooms within the overall structure, each of which can be set to a different temperature by independently controlling its ventilation.

We have even created split-level greenhouses, straddling changes in elevation on sloping or terraced land with a single linked structure that can be accessed throughout using internal doors; these naturally suit a partitioned structure too, allowing each level inside the glasshouse to be used independently.

Bespoke greenhouses created for you

Just for you
Made with love & precision just for you

Strong greenhouse foundation

As with all of our greenhouses, you will need a firm foundation on which the frame can be constructed, and customers use their own building contractor for this; we can advise on the best way to go about laying your base, provide the exact measurements, and advise if we are able to supply a made-to-measure glasshouse to fit on to an existing base.

With a bespoke greenhouse there is an almost endless combination of options open to you, and it is no surprise that many of these installations continue to serve their purpose perfectly well for 50 years or more.