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Award-winning Plants—Richie Steffen Tells How to Find Them

It’s that time of year when gardeners go out on the great plant hunt. “There are so many choices out there, “says Richie Steffen. “Some are fine, but there’s a lot of poor-quality plants as well.” Richie should know. He’s the Executive Director of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, as well as […]

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An Award Winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

‘SIMPLE ELEGANCE – A TRADITIONAL ENGLISH GARDEN’  Our unrivalled reputation as England’s most historic and respected Glasshouse and Greenhouse manufacturer was proudly cemented at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Where we took the opportunity to showcase four of our beautiful handmade structures (two in brand new colours), launch our exciting new range of […]

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Down a Garden Path

Does designing your garden ever cease? Or is it an ongoing process, and just like any work of art, it’s never really “finished”? Do you find yourself tweaking planting schemes, altering plans to changing growing conditions…or interests, eliminating this, adding that…I’m certain few gardeners set their patch in stone. Except, literally, when setting paths through […]

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May is transition time

It’s a busy time in the greenhouse. Sow courgettes, climbing and dwarf beans, chard, beetroot, salad onions and tender herbs including basil and coriander. ‘Harden off’ and plant outdoor pumpkins, melons and tomatoes and courgettes in their permanent positions once the danger of frost has passed. Plant courgettes into organic rich soil, trough slits in […]

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Plant your Penstemons Now

May is the perfect month to plant those slightly tender, late performers such as salvias, penstemons, fuchsias and pennisetums, because they need to develop good root systems before winter arrives. All too often, nurseries sell these late-summer jewels in autumn when they look magnificent. However, there’s not much chance of them overwintering if they’re planted […]