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– Brand New & First In The UK

– Better For The Environment

Hartley Botanic have always been innovators in Greenhouse and Glasshouse technology. They were the first[1] to bring UK gardeners aluminium Greenhouses and Glasshouses and have pioneered unique developments including a ‘clearspan’ design, the elimination of glass to glass or glass to metal contact and the development of ‘concealed engineering’ to create contemporary designs. Today, they are proud to be the first Greenhouse and Glasshouse manufacturer in the UK to bring revolutionary self-cleaning glass to their customers as part of their handmade designs. An over 80 year heritage, and a focus on creating ‘the finest Greenhouses money can buy,’ has always been combined with bringing customers the latest in Greenhouse innovation and this modern day, time-saving marvel has come to fruition following an intensive research and development programme.

Customers now ordering a bespoke Hartley Botanic Greenhouse or Glasshouse can choose self-cleaning glass from one of many customisable features. This incredible new glass will significantly reduce Greenhouse cleaning time (an essential maintenance requirement), allowing gardeners to spend more time growing in their Greenhouses. The glass also offers clearer, better-looking windows maximising the daylight available to Greenhouse plants.

How does it work?

A unique dual-action process uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass clear of organic material. The secret is in the glass’s special coating, which works in two stages. First, the coating reacts with ultra-violet (UV) rays from natural daylight to break down organic dirt. The second part of the process happens when water hits the glass. Rainwater runs down the glass to wash away the loosened organic and inorganic dirt (some types of inorganic dirt, such as sand or silt, will only be removed with water.) The result is shining, clear panes of glass which, compared to conventional glass, dries very quickly, reducing unsightly streaks or marks. The process of self-cleaning works continuously, with dirt being washed away whenever it rains, saving you time and money, giving you greater freedom to enjoy your Greenhouse.

Key benefits include:

  • Saves time and money
  • Is safer than cleaning your own windows
  • Even works on cloudy days and during the night
  • The coating will not be worn away or rubbed off under normal conditions
  • Easily cleaned during dry spells by hosing down or wiping with a soft cloth and warm soapy water
  • Helps reduce the visual appearance of external condensation

Better for the environment

The coating of Hartley Botanic’s self-cleaning glass contains harmless substances already found in the home, in items such as bath oils and toothpaste. In fact, because of the reduction in the use of detergents and fresh water needed to clean normal glass, The Building Research Establishment has indicated that self-cleaning glass is more beneficial to the environment than normal glass.

Self-cleaning glass is available for Hartley Botanic customers to order this year.

All Hartley Botanic’s Greenhouses and Glasshouses are handmade, bespoke and made to order. Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse should visit: http://www.hartley-botanic.co.uk or call 01457 819 155 for more information.

[1] Hartley Botanic were, to their knowledge, the first to design and make an aluminium and glass Greenhouse